Exceptional Results from
Top Performing Clients!

So Far, Top Secrets Has Helped Patrick Turn $400,000 in Sales into Nearly $800,000*
“My name is Patrick Doyle, I’m with Proforma Synergy.
Top Secrets has helped me, it’s grown my business…”

April Stremming: Year-Over-Year Sales Increased from $169,000 to $939,000*

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$117,000 in Gross Sales in a Little Over a Week and a Half*

“I really just want to say what a difference the Top Secrets Programs have made for my business and myself personally. Mr. David Blaise is the most influential, highly experienced, down to earth coach in the promotional products industry. I have yet to find another program out there where the basic foundations of building a promotional products business is so clearly explained and action oriented.

After completing his Getting Started and Customer Acquisition Programs, roughly 3 weeks later I was able to make a little over $117,000.00 in gross sales in a little over a week and a half period with 3 new clients. I also want to personally thank David Kilmer and Mary Frances for their excellent support and communication. I strongly recommend anyone to really make the effort to learn from Mr. David Blaise and his programs. You will not only save money, but your TIME as well. Your most important asset.”

Brian Kim
Hoopla Promo

Sales Doubled, Turning Hobby
into Real Job*
am at the blind loyalty stage with David Blaise and all of his powerful products! My personal sales last year more than doubled! Gone are the days of lower commissions to gain a new client! I acquired two NATIONAL accounts by following his advice! Again, thanks for your help. Let David know that I am so happy that I found him and his products. So is my husband who said ‘Glad to see this has turned into a real job instead of a hobby!’ I made almost 6 figures last year! And surely will do six this year!

Cyndi Stout


Paul Yahnke: “ROI is “Staggering”…
Sales Increased 53%*

“I have invested in everything offered by Top Secrets and my ROI is staggering! My sales have increased by over 53% since purchasing these training systems. If you’re serious about increasing your sales and improving your quality of life, I strongly recommend that you invest into YOUR future with the Top Secrets systems.”

Paul S.Yahnke
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

“Do the Makeover. I Promise You that it Will Cost You More Not to Do it…*”

“We did it last year and were pleased. The hand holding and passive accountability that the system provides is what we needed to implement systems that work. We failed to change more than we knew we should or could, but the few changes that we did make have given a huge return on our investment, and we are not done benefiting from the program.

Do it. It is not expensive if you do it. I promise you that it will cost you more not to do it. You will only have to learn one thing to pay for it in a few weeks or month, if you pass on it you will pay for the rest of your time in this industry.”

F. Draughon Cranford
Xpress Image Promotional Products


Geiger CEO, Gene Geiger: “Accountability & Results”

“David Blaise is considered by most to be the leading trainer of sales persons in the industry today. He goes beyond fuzzy feel-good creativity to focus on accountability and results. He knows what it takes to develop and implement promotions that work.”

Gene Geiger, CEO
Geiger Promotional Products

Business up 50% in Twelve Year Old Company…
98% of Sales at Full Published Price, Some A+*
purchased the Top Secrets Owners system in September. I must have listened to the program at least 15-20 times by now–I play it in my vehicle as I drive. David’s program has so much useful information, that I pick up new ideas each time I listen to it. While I haven’t put into place EVERY idea I gleaned from it, we have tried to use as much of the system as possible. It is due in large part that 2003 has been the best year in our company’s 12 year history, with an increase in business of more than 50%! This was accomplished during the same year when many of my colleagues have told me that their business has been down or flat. In addition, approximately 98% of our business is written at the full published price, between a C and an A, with a number of orders being written at an A+. Another benefit, Top Secrets, along with a scholarship from my local regional, PPAChicago, gave me the impetus to begin work on, and achieve, my CAS designation, which I received during 2003, while also receiving an Executive MBA in Business Management at the same time. I highly recommend Top Secrets to anyone that is interested in growing their business AND their profitability. It was put together in a clear and concise manner that makes it easy for anyone to learn about, and grow in, this wonderful industry that we all love.

Ray Billock, CAS
Perfect Promotions

Enormous Increase in Sales…
Salesman’s Take Home Pay Has Doubled *
“Top Secrets
has been an incredible success for our company. We have trained all of our salespeople on Top Secrets and we’re able to teach them how to NOT sell on margin and margin alone, but on relationships. By putting this into practice we’ve had enormous increases in sales. In fact, one salesman’s take home pay has doubled, but his sales have not doubled.  That was the key, he learned how to increase his margins by following what we do in Top Secrets

When I had a question or needed advice about a salesperson, I called and I got a real person on the phone. He walked me through the entire process and diagnosed what the problem really was. He said, “Hey, this person has hit their comfort level” and taught me what you need to do is take this approach to get them out of their comfort zone. When you implement this, you will see that their sales are not only going to increase, they will love their job more, they will love doing what they do, and it’s going to be a great merge.

It’s a super program, I really recommend it to everyone, whether you have bought the first version, or the entire package, the support that you get is incredible!”

Name Withheld at Client’s Request
$2 Million Company

“$10,000 in Sales I Would Not Have Made Without the Information I Received from this Course*”
“One year ago, I started a new career as a Promotional Products Distributor. This was out of necessity, because I am a bi-vocational Pastor. Having a small church does not provide the income my family needs so a friend of mine introduced me to the industry. He gave me a Register and a Media File and said, “Whatever clients you can get are yours!”

I went to the ASI Show in Chicago and met Rick who gave me a “demo” disc about your program. I took it home and listened to it and got excited about the program right away. The only thing that caused me to hesitate in purchasing the training package immediately was the $199.00!!! To me, being a Pastor of a small church, that was a LOT of money! Well….I saved for a time and finally “took the plunge” and purchased the program. I want you to know that I was very hesitant because there are many self-help products that promise the sky and usually do not deliver. But David’s promise was use the program and if it doesn’t make you more money than you invested, after a year, return it for a full refund. I thought I could live with that!

It has been almost a year now since I purchased the program. I listen to it every week and some weeks every day as I travel to my appointments. And I will tell you that with the volume of information these CD’s contain, and the things I have learned from them, I have more than made my investment back over and over again. I would say that your product has directly enabled me the ability to generate $10,000 in sales that I would not have made without the information I received from this course in my first year as a Promotional Products Salesperson. I would not take $1,000 for these CD’s at this point in my career!

Thank you for producing this program. I am convinced that ANY salesperson who wants to better their skills and learn about this industry would be best served by purchasing and using this program. For me, it has been the best money I have spent in my Promotional Products career to date! THANKS!”

Rev. M. Thad Gifford
Berea, KY

“Margins Across the Board are Up 20%…*”
ast year I had ordered Top Secrets of Promotional Product Sales. At first I was a little reluctant to order as it was in the summer, business was really slow and I was a little concerned about spending so much on CD’s.

Well I have to say – I have got my ROI back 10 fold! After listening to the tapes, I realized that I’m providing a highly expertised service to my customers and that “I am worth it.”

So I increased my margins. First by a little, then by a little more. One year later, my margins across the board are up 20%. And the best thing of all, is I have not lost one customer! I’ve not had one customer come back to me and ask about increased pricing. And this is all because of Top Secrets of Promotional Product Sales!

Dawn Baxter
Alternate Source Print & Promotional Advertising Inc.

Top Secrets Helps Get Santa’s Sales Off the Ground!
on Breach of Silent Salesmen Promotions in Orange California has been a loyal Top Secrets client since May 2001. During the holiday season, he also appears as Santa Claus for many businesses and charitable organizations. Recently, Ron said that in addition to helping him with his promotional products business, “Thanks to Top Secrets, I’m even booking better Santa gigs!”

Ron Breach
The Silent Salesmen
as Santa Claus

Significant Increase in Our Margins*
“I’m going on my third time reviewing the 12 session series and continue to gain knowledge of the industry and how to market our company to our clients and ultimately to the end user (our clients customers). We have seen a significant increase in our margins. We have also learned a great deal from you and your companies marketing techniques to your customers. At least we know you follow your own recommendations.”

Kevin Mendelson
Mercury Fulfillment Systems

More Money in My Pocket*
“David, by using your no under-run advice when placing an order with a supplier, 9 times out of ten an overrun was shipped — thus more money in my pocket. The other times exact quantity was shipped.

  I have also sold items on an A+ commission, pricing on my terms — not the suppliers for extra profit, especially on those “rush orders” where the client needs the 1000 coffee mugs in 3 days.

  I am also in the process of branding my own product line.”

Tom Savino
Franklin, NJ

First Time Anyone Has Given So Much Valuable Info
avid is the best! I bought his Top Secrets package not too long ago. AWESOME INFORMATION! I have a lot of things to work on. This is the first time in the industry that anyone has ever given so much valuable information. (i.e. call scripts, prospecting, marketing, you name it!) WOW!

Kim Weathersbee
Amarillo, TX

Excellent Seminar, Bring Out What it Takes to Succeed
“David, I saw you at the Chicago seminar. I thought you were an excellent speaker. I also have your tapes. I find that your statements are of things we all should have in the back of our minds, but you bring them forward and make us aware of their importance to success.

Michael Gianotti
Timonium, MD

Sales Volume Increased 5%, Income by 10%*
“After listening to and applying the very simple techniques that are taught in Top Secrets, my sales volume over one year, increased by 5%, but my income in that same time frame increased by 10%! It is solely my unsolicited opinion that if you use and apply these techniques you will experience the exact same, if not greater, results.”

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc.
Gold Century Club Member

Made My Money Back and Much More…*
“When I was researching whether to add the promotional products service to my current business I bought Top Secrets. I thought twice about buying it because it was good size investment. I put in the 1st CD and half way through it, I knew I had made my money back and much more. I then called and bought the owner’s version. It is one of the best investments I have made for my business. Education is key for staying and growing your business. The additional value added is the Top Secrets email group and the teleconferences. I also pay monthly for their monthly teleconference and always get great and applicable information and a network of great people and ideas. I highly recommend Top Secrets. Great investment!”

Judy Bragg
CMC Bragg Resources


Top Secrets Makeover “Invaluable” on Many Levels. Sales Up Nearly 50% Since August… *
“We participated in the Top Secrets‘ Makeover and were very happy. I am a one-man shop and fairly new to the industry. It was invaluable to me on many levels:

  • One-on-one time to discuss handling specific issues
  • Organizing my day-to-day operations
  • Setting daily and weekly goals
  • Corporate forms, letters & materials templates
  • Staffing issues …and more

I would definitely recommend this program. We have seen a near 50% increase in sales since last August.”

Mary Anne Keane
VP Sales &Marketing
CK Promotional Products
a Division of Cranley Awards, Ltd.


Promotion Doctor Improves Bottom Line, Attitude, Margins and More with Top Secrets*
“Just a quick note to tell you again, what a great asset Top Secrets is to me. I had listened to each tape a few times, but over a long period of time with lots of time in between, I never seemed to get the “whole picture.” Well, on my way driving from Everett, Washington to the SAAC show in Long Beach, CA, I was able to listen to the entire set of tapes on the way down, then again on the way back. That was a great experience. I know this time it is going to make a greater improvement in my bottom line, as well as my attitude, my margins, my level of fun and excitement…I could go on. I’ve already sold a nice incentive program and several “add-ons” in just the last two days of work, which I directly attribute to your program getting me thinking on the right track. I am committed to my new goals, and I’m looking forward to achieving them and setting higher ones. Whenever I have talked with other distributors who needed help, I have heartily encouraged them to buy your tapes. It’s funny though, many of them just kind of change the subject…like they don’t think they need outside help, or maybe they aren’t willing to invest a few hundred in their career. But I guess it’s not too hard to understand that attitude, since I thought that way for years. Now, I’m grateful for the help, and readily acknowledge that I would not be poised for greater success in this business without your excellent program! Thanks, again. And may you reap the rewards of your efforts in bringing us such good training and advice. Gratefully…”

Jon Montgomery
The Promotion Doctor
“Your Prescription for Profit!”

Sales Up 37%, Gross Profit Up 54%*
“We just went over our figures with our accountant. Our sales for this year are up 37% and our gross profit is up 54% from last year. I definitely attribute this to using your program and feel the following newly applied tactics that Dave discusses in his tape series have made this happen. 1) Instituting the NO underrun policy 2) Showing a more expensive mug/product before even mentioning the $. 99 mug 3) Forming an alliance with a printing company, we now offer full service commercial printing 4) Up selling. “Would you like a gift box with that mug?” 5) Not giving such a deep silent discount 6) We haven’t mailed a catalog all year well, maybe one or two, now we present ideas & marketing strategies 7) Getting better pricing from suppliers 8) Placing clients that order the same item repeatedly on co-op pricing 9) Having more confidence to land larger accounts and being successful in doing so 10) Passing on the one shot deals for 10 shirts 11) Changing our quote to reflect the 1,000 piece price on the top, which of course is much more appealing because it’s cheaper, and listing the 250 piece price toward the bottom of the page. 12) Avoiding time consuming City bids to never get the order anyway 13) Firing difficult, never satisfied, penny pinching, clients ………. next client please! Being a part of the mastermind group and conference calls has saved me more than the cost of the program alone just from the suggestions and advice. Please pass on this message to Dave with a heartfelt thanks.

Name Withheld at Client’s Request

The Best Investment I Have Made So Far
“This was by far the best investment I have made so far in my business. It is too bad that I had to spend several thousands of dollars on information that was not nearly as helpful.”

Matt Johnston
Life Styles Marketing, Inc.

A Lifesaver
“These tapes are a lifesaver when it comes to training new salespeople, it sure has stopped alot of the price-based selling attitude. Thanks.”

Allen L. Bates, MAS
Wyandotte, MI

Exactly What I Needed
our tape series was exactly what I needed to give my business a jump-start! What really helped was after each section, you encouraged me to apply what was taught and gave practical examples along the way. It seems that our industry is so hush-hush on how to be successful, because we’re afraid of the competition. Your program gave me the information and motivation to be more professional as well as successful. Thank you for your excellent program!”

Stacy Oliver
Gizmoz Promotions

Already Saved Hundreds of Dollars*
love Top Secrets! Even though I have been in the industry for 7 years, I still feel like a novice. I have implemented several of your suggestions already and plan to use more as soon as possible. I have already saved hundreds of dollars by implementing one suggestion.

Additionally, I no longer feel that I have to use supplier recommended pricing for every sale. If the margin is not high enough and I cannot get a better price from the supplier, I set my own price for my customer bid. I look for P+ for all my sales. I don’t always get it but I set that as my goal. Keep up the good advice!”

Brenda Dye
Oakwood Enterprises

our “Top Secrets” tapes were outstanding and something I would recommend to all distributors. Whether you are new to the industry – in which case I strongly suggest you listen to them as soon as possible – or an experienced veteran, there are thoughts, ideas and suggestions that will help you in your business. The recommendations are easy to implement and the benefits and savings can last for years.”

Bruce W. Jolesch
The Jolesch Group

One of Those Invaluable Tools
“The Top Secrets system is one of those invaluable tools in our industry. For the experienced distributor or salesperson, it will provide clarity and reinforcers; for anyone in their early years in this business, it will leap-frog you over others.

I have gone back to the system time and again to jumpstart my brain, to regain focus, or to simply relish having David Blaise in my corner.

Top Secrets successfully combines David’s in-depth knowledge of the industry with his down-to-earth style and to-the-point guidance. If you believe in investing in your business, Top Secrets is an essential resource.”

Linda Lough
Image Mania

Opened My Eyes to New Ideas
“This program has opened my eyes to new ideas and makes me think. I have used the cross-sell and start with higher quantities and it works. Also have called suppliers and lowered my cost most of the time. It pays for itself in a short time.*

Darrell Hooper
Camino Island, WA

Price, Quality or Lead Time
s a company, our old philosophy was: Price, Quality or Lead time, Pick two. With your strategies we have been able to meet all three without sacrifice.

Kevin Mendelson
Madison Heights, MI

have only received the Introductory Special – 1st two tapes. I have found them to be exceptional. It is much more powerful to work with info that is just intended for our industry rather than some of the ‘generic’ sales training available. Since I have received the tapes I have written some very nice orders and all are higher that my normal average margin by at least 5%* – can I attribute these to just “Top Secrets?” – no, but I am valuing my time more and am not hesitating to risk an order over price when I have done the work to get it.”

Ken Masterson
Englewood, CO

Packed With Useful and Insightful Information
hank you for taking the time to prepare your Top Secrets of Ad Specialty Sales series of tapes. They continue to inform, motivate and inspire me to prepare smart and logical programs that present an impactful marketing conclusion for my clients and prospects.

All of the tapes are packed with unique and insightful information. I constantly listen to the tapes whenever I am driving to an appointment.”

Greg Samot

No Regrets
e recently purchased Top Secrets from you. When we first purchased, we were hesitant because even with the deal you offered, the conversion to Canadian dollars was pretty steep, however we have no regrets. I can’t tell you not only how much we enjoyed the series of tapes but how much we learned as well. We have listened through twice now and I have used the workbook on several occasions to help me brush up on a letter or a presentation. Keep us up to date on future offers.”

Bruce Falkins
Lake Country B.C. Canada

Overwhelemed with Many Ideas
just finished listening to the tapes. I am overwhelmed with many ideas to pursue. I hope it will help me become a better salesperson, not only in more sales but also in appreciating my clients in a different way. Thanks for your insights. As of now I think it was great stuff.”

Thomas Panuccio
Tarrytown, NY

An Easy to Use Library
have been in and “around” the business for several years. And, I have read numerous books, attended conferences, etc. Where your tapes have been helpful to me is the “fleshing out of some major ideas and validating (by a successful peer) strategies that will work when understood and employed.” Part of the value is having many points and strategies compacted into an easy to use library.

I have very little free time, so when I listen, I listen to garner one or two points that I can use to increase efficiency. I have been motivated to follow more boldly certain “instincts” that you have validated.”

Chuck Hucks
Ready Business Systems

Increasing My Chances for Success
’ve finished listening to Top Secrets for the first time. There is a great deal of information, so I’m looking forward to listening again to get more information. I’m still pretty new in this business so I think that your insights will be very helpful in increasing my chances for success.”

Andrew R. Price
Waterford, Michigan

Changed Several of Our Marketing Efforts
have enjoyed and definitely benefited a lot from listening to the tapes. I’ve gone through all of them once and am starting on my first of many re-listens. We’ve already changed several our of marketing efforts as well as starting some new ones based on the insights I picked up from the tapes.

  I have an MBA and was an accountant in a previous life, as well as working for an ad agency before jumping into the promotional product business. That doesn’t mean I applied what I knew to my business. Your tapes helped bring everything I knew back into focus and show me how I could apply it to my own business. Thanks!

Alan Martin
Promotional Impact

listened to the entire program twice, over time, while driving. I’ll probably replay it again in a few months. The program is excellent… and so is your own marketing in promoting it!

I most benefited from “reclaiming your margins. Many of your anecdotes were invaluable. The story’s were great, very true to life. The ten fatal mistakes….. were well played out… and true.

Over the long run, it will pay for itself!* I benefitted in learning how to price my orders/quotes better. Always asking for better/next qty/end qty. pricing; working towards to dedicating myself to a handful of key suppliers within a product group.”

Mark Richheimer
Sumar Promotions

Very Rewarding
am just listening to your tapes and it is very rewarding in the day to day sales arena to have feedback and keep us going when the market is a little tough. Your ideas and motivation are most helpful at this time and I look forward to putting what I have learned into practice.

Cindy Payne
Pulaski, TN

Made Me Money
ou’ve heard the expression ‘Time is Money.” In this case, “Education is Money.”

The education I gained from David Blaise’s introductory tape to Top Secrets, made me money… And it was free! The full set helped me to develop a fresh, new, mindset, which has increased my income immediately and permanently.

Every business person knows “To make money, you must spend money.”

I recommend you invest in “Top Secrets” and apply the knowledge and tips to increase your bottom line.”

Deborah Nelson

Will Keep Me Busy Improving My Business
here really is so MUCH great information on those tapes that they will keep me busy improving my business for a long time to come.

Eilene Lyon
Durango, CO

Valuable Information
here’s so much valuable information available in the Top Secrets program – why wouldn’t every sales professional want to get in on the ‘Top Secrets?'”

     Donna M. Gray
      Total Awards & Promotions,Inc.

This is Not Pie-in-the-Sky Stuff
ike all of the Top Secret products there is so much content you have to go back again and again to pick up the details. What is so great is that you can easily pick up important tips that you can use immediately-things that can make a difference in your business now—–today!

David helps you build your own system, your own money-making criteria for success. This is not pie-in-the-sky stuff; this is how to bake the pie and enjoy eating it too! Yes, it is work! But we spend our time “working” at something, why not apply our time to the things that will do us the most good?

I was so lucky to find David during my first ASI show, my first year in the promotional products consulting business—I recommend him and the series of products without hesitation to any new or existing promotional products business. He can get you started; he can help you grow!

Eloise Talk
Talk Of The Town Promotional Products

I Don’t Want My Competitors to Have This
“You don’t get it, do you? This stuff is pure nitro! I don’t want my competitors to have this.

25+ year industry veteran
Name withheld at customer request

Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales comes with a full year guarantee. For details on the Owner’s System, click here. For details on the Salesperson’s System, click here.

* These profiles come from statements made by clients at the time of their interviews and have not been independently verified. They are provided as an indication of what is possible, not expected, typical or average.

Lyman Rose
Scott Toomey
Scott Toomey
Jeremy Duplissey
Lori Robinson
Lori Robinson
Michael Crooks
Michael Crooks
Richard Hornyak
Richard Hornyak
Ed Burgess
Don Arbuckle
Fred Taffer
Maura Sevier-Burgess
Ed Burgess
Ed Burgess:
“A quick education, a ‘Master’s Degree,’
so to speak…

Wyteria Jacobo

* These profiles come from statements made by clients at the time of their interviews and have not been independently verified. They are provided as an indication of what is possible, not expected, typical or average.