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“Discover What it Will Take for You to Break Through the Bottlenecks and Quickly Reach & Exceed $1,000,000.00 a Year in Promotional Products Sales…”

Dear Industry Professional,

Many people in our industry feel stuck. Stuck in a rut. Stuck at a certain level of sales. Stuck in a sales plateau.

Only a small percentage ever reach $1,000,000 a year in gross sales. And a smaller percentage than that ever exceed it.

So where do you stand?

Maybe you have yet to reach your desired level of sales. Maybe you reached some of your initial sales goals, but struggle to get the rest of the way. Maybe you just want to have more without having to do a whole lot more.

Believe it or not, it is possible.

Better than $750,000 in About 60 Days…”
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In fact, very often, achieving a dramatic sales increase is not a matter of having to do more things. Instead, it’s a simple matter of doing things differently.

So what do you have to do differently and better to generate one million, three million, even ten million dollars in annual promotional products sales?

Is it Something that Can be Learned?
Is it Something that Can be Replicated?

The short answer is yes…

In an exclusive, private, ‘invitation-only’ event in Las Vegas, Nevada, I invited three top industry producers to join me to reveal some of the secrets of their exceptional success. The room was packed. Standing room only…

It was the first and only time these million dollar plus producers had ever been together in the same room — and never before had they agreed to share their secrets.

Each participant was a client trained in the Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales who generated in excess of a million dollars a year in promotional products sales… in some cases, well in excess of a million dollars a year…

Learn the Specific Actions Required to
Become a Multi-Million Dollar Producer!

Every human being has the same number of hours in each day. Twenty four hours is fixed. It’s inflexible.

Therefore, the people who generate over a million dollars in sales each year have specific ways of making their time count for much more than those who earn less. What are those ways? What, specifically are they doing? How do they prioritize their work? How do they decide what to do and what not to do?

“Exactly What I Needed to Get on Track…”
My goal is to reach 1 million in sales in 3 years and I believe this program is exactly what I needed to get on track to do just that! Thank you David Blaise!

David Barber
Barber’s Embroidery

What percentage of their time is spent with new clients vs. existing clients? What is an ideal day like? How does that differ from a typical day?

Million Dollar Prospecting, Positioning, Daily Habits…
This Group Even Talks About Gross Profits!

Probe the lead generation and prospecting habits of multi-million dollar producers. What are their primary methods of prospecting? What is their most effective method? What types of clients do they target and how, specifically, do they target them?

Explore the way that million dollar producers position themselves in their markets, the primary message they each try to convey to their prospects and clients about themselves and their businesses. How this differs from when they were first starting out and what the perception is about each of them among both their clients and their competitors.

“Full of Great Advice and Experiences…”
WOW! Thanks for sharing your insight and secrets to your success. This is full of great advice and experiences. I have all your material and this is the best yet!

Bill Henry
Oak Lake Promotions

Find out about their daily habits… the most important activities they do themselves and the most important activities they had to learn to delegate.

We’ll also talk numbers… in terms of the number of clients required to get to the level of sales they’ve achieved, the average order size, frequency of purchase, even gross profit margins and the critical, but often overlooked risk to reward ratio on each order.

Million Dollar Communicators

Investigate the communication procedures of million dollar producers, their primary methods of contacting clients, how often they contact them, what reasons they use to get in touch… and what excuses they use as well!

We’ll tackle the importance of creating a reliable supplier network, how they choose and replace suppliers when necessary and how they manage all those supplier solicitations.

Naturally, we’ll discuss products… which categories do well and which specific items have worked for them.

In addition to the live summit, you’ll also get brand new, never-before-offered material, all about how to become a multi-million dollar producer. It’s approximately six hours of material on six CDs, along with your confidential workbook and extra bonuses, worth their weight in gold!

“Worth Every Penny and More…”
Last week I was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting for new member businesses in my area. Each new member had the opportunity to give their 30 second infomercial I used information from the Top Secrets program in my 30 seconds. After the meeting I was approached by five new prospects, including the event coordinator of a major government funded charity organization. This package is worth every penny and more, with lots of easy to apply strategies.

Richard Hatch
Hatch Ideas


“Test drive this new program entirely at my risk for one full year! If it doesn’t produce at least ten times its cost, in additional sales or bottom line savings, I don’t want you to keep it! Just send it back for a full refund.”

Top Secrets Author David Blaise

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Multi-Million Dollar Producers, but Were Afraid to Ask!

If you are serious about breaking out of the pack and joining the ranks of million and multi-million dollar producers, order Top Secrets of Multi-Million Dollar Producers now! Here’s what you get:

Disc 1:
The Live Multi-Million Dollar Summit & Take-away Points (Part I)

1. Program Introduction
2. How to Make Your Time Count for More
3. Take-away Points
4. Best Methods for Lead Generation & Prospecting
5. Take-away Points
6. How to Position Yourself for Success
7. Take-away Points
8. Daily Focus and Delegation
9. Take-away Points
10. Examining the Numbers (Part 1)

Disc 2:
The Live Multi-Million Dollar Summit & Take-away Points (Part 2)

1. Examining the Numbers (Part 2)
2. Take-away Points
3. Communicating with Clients
4. Take-away Points
5. Hiring Tips for Top Peformers
6. Take-away Points
7. Product Ideas
8. Take-away Points
9. Program Selling
10. Take-away Points
11. Five Major Strengths of Promotional Products
12. Take-away Points

Disc 3:
The Live Multi-Million Dollar Summit (Part III) and
The Common Denominator of Success

1. Your Supplier Network
2. Take-away Points
3. Question & Answer I
4. Take-away Points
5. Question & Answer II
6. Take-away Points
7. Introduction: The Common Denominator
8. Taking Action
9. Forming the Habit
10. Your Purpose
11. Observations
12. Implementing with the Behavior Modification Grid

Disc 4:
Behavior Management Secrets of
Multi-Million Dollar Producers

1. Behavior Management
2. Concentrating Your Temporal Currency
3. The Big A.P.E. – Managing Activities
4. Managing Priorities
5. Managing Expectations
6. Establishing Goals
7. Setting Priorities
8. Scheduling Your Activities
9. Choosing Productive Activities
10. Bonus Pointers on Behavior Management

Disc 5:
Prospecting Secrets of
Multi-Million Dollar Producers

1. Misconceptions about Prospecting
2. Three Rules of Prospecting
3. Multi-Million Dollar Targeting Techniques
4. Crafting Your Prospecting List
5. Targeting the Top Ten Consumers of Promotional Products
6. Pursuing the Departments that Buy
7. Creating the Results that Clients Want
8. Eight Tips for Power Prospecting

Disc 6:
Multiplying Your Results to
Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Status

1. The Multiplier Effect
2. Your Multi-Million Dollar Strategy
3. The Ultimate Industry Needs Analysis
4. Proactive Client Followup
5. Average vs. Multi-Million Dollar Performers
6. 3-D Selling
7. Getting Past the Gatekeeper I
8. Getting Past the Gatekeeper II
9. The Walk of Fame
10. Benchmarking Your Progress

If you order by , you’ll also get the following bonuses:

BONUS 1: Our Exclusive, Top Secrets Behavior Modification Grid. Becoming a multi-million dollar producer requires changing our habits. With this unique tool, you’ll be able to track your progress daily and see where you are successfully taking action and where you need more help.

BONUS 2: Our Exclusive, Top Secrets Project Management Sheets. When important projects seem too big and overwheming to tackle, they very often don’t get done. These project management sheets allow you to quickly and easily break important projects down into manageable, “bite-sized” tasks, so you can begin immediately!

BONUS 3: The Ultimate Industry Needs Analysis. True consultative selling requires an ability to ask clients intelligent, probing questions that reveal their true needs and objectives. In the Ultimate Industry Needs Analysis, you’ll get over 100 focused questions that you can ask clients to lead the discussion, demonstrate your expertise and help your clients to achieve the results they’re looking for in their businesses.

* SPECIAL BONUS: 90 Day Access to the Top Secrets Inner Circle (that’s a minimum $141 value all by itself!) Order Top Secrets of Multi-Million Dollar Producers now and you’ll get 90 day access to the Top Secrets Inner Circle, Mastermind Group and Discussion Group. Access exclusive video training not available anywhere else. Interact with hundreds of Top Secrets trained industry professionals around the world — ready, willing and able to share their ideas related to increasing sales, improving profit margins and growing your promotional products business. Many clients say this benefit alone is worth the entire cost of the program!

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