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Jeff Thibodeau
Royal Promotions

This Top Secrets Risk-Free Trial Offer Includes:

1. How to Outperform the Competition in All Key Areas of Customer Contact
Who is your competition? What are they doing and how are they doing it? Session one contains a specific, step by step process that allows you to know, without a doubt, that you are objectively outperforming your competition in every key area of customer contact, every day of the year.

2. Leverage & the Four Ways to Grow Your Distributorship
The last thing the world needs is another average promotional products distributor. Session two tells you how to use the incredible leverage this industry provides to your best competitive advantage. There are, in fact, only four ways to grow a promotional products business? In this session, we’ll tell you what they are, and make industry-specific recommendations on how to fully exploit each one.

3. The Twelve Fatal Mistakes of Promotional Products Salespeople (Part 1)
Chances are, if something is going wrong in your business, it’s related to one of the twelve fatal mistakes. In this session, we’ll examine the first six mistakes and offer specific suggestions on how to avoid them.

4. The Twelve Fatal Mistakes of Promotional Products Salespeople (Part 2)
If you have ever felt like you’ve worked as an unpaid consultant, don’t worry. You are not alone! In this session,we’ll examine the remaining Fatal Mistakes and specific recommendations on how to handle them.

5. How to Transform Commodity Products into Exclusive, Proprietary Products Worth More Money
How can your imprinted pens be worth more than your competitors? We’ll show you lots of ways, in this eye-opening session dedicated to boosting your bottom line. Includes: defining a commodity, how to differentiate yourself, secrets of tilting the level playing field, how to use timing, guarantees and branding to tranform commodities & more.

6. The Science of Making Excellent Product Recommendations Every Single Time
That’s right, science, not art. If you’ve been relying on creativity for your product recommendations, you are working way too hard! This session is a blueprint for making consistently smart, targeted product recommendations with every presentation. If you have ever spent hours trying to figure out the perfect suggestion for a hard-to-please client, this session is for you.

7. How to Get the Maximum Impact from Every Marketing Dollar You Spend (Part 1)
This Marketing Boot Camp should be required listening for the Promotional Products Industry. Why rely on cold calling as a primary method of attracting new business? Learn how the “miracle” of direct response advertising can drive a steady stream of qualified prospects to your door. Also: letting your customers vote with their wallets. Differentiating yourself from your competition. Secrets of Lifetime Value. Directing Your Message. How to increase response rates from your existing ads by as much as 750%. The Dangers of Ego Advertising. And more…

8. How to Get the Maximum Impact from Every Marketing Dollar You Spend (Part 2)
Part two on this vital topic continues with ways to make money even on prospects you don’t sell. How to liberate the unrealized revenue trapped inside your customer base. Using risk-reversal and guarantees to boost sales. Much more…

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Confidential Top Secrets Workbook
Salesperson’s System: 28 pages
Bonus: 24 Hour Access to the Top Secrets Discussion Group with your Free 90 Day Trial of our Inner Circle
The Top Secrets Discussion Group allows members to come together and share their thoughts and ideas on all facets of running a promotional products business. Participate at no charge for 3 months with your purchase of the Top Secrets program and take advantage of our 90 day Inner Circle Trial! Need an idea for a particular client? Just ask. Have a recommendation for a fellow member? Let’s hear it! If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone in this business, the Top Secrets Discussion Group is the cure!

Bonus: Three FREE Monthly Inner Circle TeleConferences with David Blaise, as part of Your 90 Day Inner Circle Trial
Even his most basic consulting packages start at $1,500.00. But as part of your purchase of Top Secrets, you can participate in three (3) Monthly Inner Circle TeleConferences from the comfort of your own home or office! Have a question? Just ask!

Bonus: Special Report: How to Grow Your Promotional Products Sales
A crash course on the only ways available to grow your promotional products business. Know what they are? If you don’t, how can you ever hope to execute?

Bonus: Special Report: How to Prevent Prospects from Wasting Your Time
As a professional in the promotional products industry, you should know that time is more valuable than money. If you run out of money, you can always make more. But if you run out of time… all the money in the world won’t help you. In this special report, David Blaise lays out strategies designed to help keep prospects from wasting your time.

Bonus: Special Report: How to Protect Your Clients and Your Commissions from Incomplete Orders
There are few things worse than having to tell your client that his or her order did not arrive complete. If your client places an order for 1,000 units of something, but the supplier short-ships you only 950, that makes you look bad to your client. To make matters worse, you sold 50 units that you will never be paid on. Fortunately, there is something you can do to virtually guarantee complete orders and higher commissions. Protect your clients and your commissions with this eye-opening report!

Bonus: What Every Promotional Products Distributor Salesperson Needs to KnowTraining Program on CD or Cassette
Session 1
– Eight Great Traits of Promotional Products Professionals
Session 2 – Top 15 Countdown: What’s Most Important to Customers
Session 3 – The ABCs of Promotional Product Sales (Part 1)
Session 4 – The ABCs of Promotional Product Sales (Part 2)

“A Lifesaver …”
…a lifesaver when it comes to training new salespeople, it sure has stopped a lot of the price-based selling attitude. Thanks.”

Allen L.Bates, MAS
Wyandotte, MI

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